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Default Re: Goodbye Tony the Tiger?

i don't get it... when where there be any discussion about the accountability of parents? i've seen some others in here saying the same thing, so i know i'm not alone on this. i'm not a parent, so it's possible i'm not as close to the issue. if you're a single parent and your kids are alone during summer break, don't stock up the fridge with just sugar goodies! lock up the game console and introduce other activities. maybe there's a bigger picture to be addressed here... both parents working, leaving no time to actually raise their children? sheesh!! if you want the fancy cars and all that other materialistic stuff, be responsible, if you don't have time for children, DON'T HAVE THEM! suing the schools, corporations, and anything else that has had an adverse affect on kids in light of the fact that these things are only supplementing the time parents should be facilitating is ridiculous... just seems like a vicious circle to me. the most you can spend on ANY CHILD is TIME.
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