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Default Re: offensive line woes and willie parker

I seem to recall the year we let the Off Coord change the regular gameplan to open up the offense. We went 6-10 that year. Cowher has built a team (O-line, runners, receivers) based on running, and it would take a complete rebuild to change the dynamics of how the offense is run. The steelers (like the broncos) are built to be a running team first. Whether we run to open up opportunities in passing with the run, or pass a little to open up the running game a little more (which I think is what we need to do to utilize Willie) we still are going to run more often than not. Maddox can be a good QB in a different system, one that emphasizes a passing attack more. I think Ben and Parker will be a good combination in the future because with Ben, teams can not stack the line like in years past. We needed punishing runners to move the ball against the "8 in the box" mentality. With Heath, Ward, Wilson, ARE out there, teams will get burned trying that. That plays very well into Willie's style of play as our O-line will be able to open up holes for Willie to get big yardage through. Willie still has to get some comfort level with how the line works and vice-versa. It was good that Cowher stuck with Willie in the running game, he needs the repititions. I think we will see this really pay off later in the year when Duce is killing defenses with fresh legs and when teams try to counter that Ben will be killing them through the air. Sorry that turned out to be a little more longwinded that I intended haha
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