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Default Re: Football Mags :Holmes to have a great season

I think holmes would put up big numbers on most any team. He runs excellent routes, and besides a few punt return muffs, he has EXCELLENT hands.

I don't think he ever had a fumble at OSU in the two years he played, and I know he didn't have any last year as a WR, Fielding punts just might not be his thing. .Not to mentiono, do you want your starting split end fielding punts/risking injury anyways? Not I.

He averaged 14 and 18 YPC his junior and senior year (respectively). He is going to add a gamebreaking deep threat that we haven't seen in awhile. All the comparisons are there to Tory Holt, and if he comes even close to producing like Holt than we are set at WR for a long time. I am really excited about his potenial and can't wait to see him break the long ones this year.
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