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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

I've had a while to think this over and........I think David Chase sucks!!!!!!!! I gave this guy props for the last eight years and he treats us with back to back horible seasons! Except for the second to last episode and maybe the first one of this final season it was at sometimes unwatchable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This schmuck took the best show ever made and turned it into a main stream debate with that final episode! I think 83 will agree that one of the best things about the show is that there were only a few of us that watched the show from season one to the final episode! And for this Schmuck to make millions feel like that invested time and emoitions into this show makes me sick. Unless you saw the episode where Jackie (not Jr) died from cancer THE FIRST TIME IT AIRED then you have no idea what a mess Chase did on this last episode!!!!!!

And as Tony Soprano would say "END OF STORY"!
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