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Default Re: Last season of the Sopranos!

That's partly the way I look at it Tony. The ones who jumped on three or four seasons in then they might be content with the final episode. Me personally, it was a huge let down. Like I've said before, I've heard all the "well, it's cinematic art" bullshit. If I wanted that I would watch the Sundance Channel. Entertain me. I don't buy HBO to watch the likes of Bill Maher. Many felt the show lost it's edge and it's roots after season four, I'm one of those fans.

If I wanted "cinematic expression and art" reach arounds I would watch Logo or Sundance. Give me a break. Chase left himself open to make more money on a movie which I can easily see occuring in the future. Eitherway, there alot of hardcore, long time watching fans who are not happy with the ending. Plain and simple.
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