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Default Re: Anyone see this...?

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I know we can't go back, but this makes it all the more painful.

Parker gained 2 of those back on an inside run on second down. On third down, Maddox was supposed to pitch right to Parker. The Steelers' video of that play shows it was wide open for a touchdown if Maddox had not fumbled away the ball.

From the same article, some great news!

Roethlisberger will return to start against Bengals

Steelers back on road, where they flourish lately
i couldnt believe people slamming cowher for not having bettis in there to pound out a few extra yards for a long kick under windy circumstances. doing that has 3 risks.
no gain for bettis.
the ball getting stripped
a missed fg.

the called play to parker had 1 risk (fumble)
that play was probably being set up all game by running parker up the inside, between the tackles for the majority of his plays. great gameplanning and coaching if you ask me. cowher did not fumble but like the article said he will take the blame.
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