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Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
McClatchy stated on a number of occasions last season that they have no plans of selling this team and once again, why would they? They shoot a few rockets in the air and people sell out the ball park. They hand out a few bobbleheads and people line up from Federal Street to Grant Street. They have been making money over the years, ripping off the fans in this city and they were not taking hardly any heat from the fans or the media. That's now starting to change to a degree and for now. Attendance this year has dropped to 27th or 28th worst in the league and the media has been grilling them for the last two weeks straight.

Hopefully change is in the near future but I doubt it. As long as people keep attending and are drawn to fireworks and bobbleheads like Nicole Ricci is to a toilet bowl after easting a corn flake I don't see anything changing.
I can NOT blame you for saying this. I have been those on the bandwagon pushing for Mark Cuban to buy the team. McClatchy doesn't want to sell, and unfortunately to our misery, it's probably going to be just that. He will not sell under any circumstances.

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