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Default Re: You can't smoke there!

Either ban tobacco all together or don't ban it at all. Last I checked it wasn't on the list with crack or reefer. We already have smoking and non-smoking sections. If that doesn't make enough people happy than too bad. It's funny, a guy can go into a bar, drink himself silly, get in his car and kill a family of four, but watch out for those smokers who are secluded to their own area of the joint!!! lol. If these joints want to ban smoking, go for it. But I do have a problem with big brother telling me where and when I can smoke a perfectly legal product.

What cracks me up about this whole joke of a bill. Countless numbers of hours have been spent analyzing the in and outs of a smoking ban. How many feet from a door we can smoke, how much revenue a restaurant must generate to be considered smoking or not, etc. etc. etc.. Yet ... "The law is not clear as to what constitutes neglect and abuse" as far as leaving children home alone, according to the Butler County district attorney. Five kids ended up dead two weeks ago because our 'priorities' are needed

Eitherway, I see the courts throwing this one out. At least I hope they do.
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