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Default Re: You can't smoke there!

Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
(insert long winded rant here)

As the child of a family of smokers.... Mom, Dad(now dead some 13 years. Yeah he died of lung cancer), brother, aunts, uncles, etc... you get the point...

As the child of a family of smokers, one of my earliest memories of my Dad was of me getting down off his lap when he would light up. As a toddler I knew I hated it. I still do.

I'm sick of seeing people toss their butts out the windows of cars. I'm sick of driving through that last huge exhale they blow out the window which then wafts into mine. I'm sick of the stench. That's right. STENCH. It smells like to death to me. I'm sick of having to walk through a ****ing cloud of smoke to get into the door at work, or the door at the grocery store coz all the smokers are outside on the benches.

Don't give me this smokers' rights shit either. 50% of all people who smoke will die from their addiction. 50%!

If ya ask me a smoker should be made to earn their right to smoke. Here's how ya do it. Since half of them will die from it any way. Each smoker one by one is handed a revolver. Half of the chambers have bullets in them and half do not. Spin the cylinder, gun to head and pull the trigger. It's the same damn thing as lighting up day after day. It just doesn't take as long to achieve the same end result.

This is a product that eventually kills half the people that use it. This product is also so addictive that well over 90% of the people who try to quit this product can't. Why isn't this product outlawed? Because the government can make a shitload of money off of these dumbass drug add-icts. (for some reason the word "addi cts" gets censored but shitload doesn't) Also because what will those poor tobacco farmers do otherwise? Oh please...

For you smokers out there who think you're not an addict.... Try quitting. Just wait until you get the shakes, chills, agitated headaches, insomnia etc...

Smokers are a huge DRAIN ON THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. I believe smokers should have no rights at all to government funded health care. Why should taxpayers bear the burden for your suicidal habit?

Oh and one last thing... For those smokers out there who think well... "I've got years to go before it might start to affect me." Keep telling yourself that. The older sister of a friend died at the age of 24 from lung cancer. She had been smoking for 10 years. She dropped dead 3 months after her initial diagnosis.

I imagine I've pissed off alot of smokers here. I don't care. Just like you don't care when I'm forced to inhale your filth.

(end long winded rant)
That pretty much sums up my main objection to smokers in general
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