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Default Re: Finally....

Ok. I have a HUGE problem with this thread.

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
And there absolutely needs to be a Salary Cap.

Also, Minor League Baseball teams are signed and placed on the Major League Team's Payroll. Which also I don't get why.
Let me start here. There isn't. The words baseball and salary cap should only be involved in the sentence "Baseball has no salary cap." So baseball fans should EXPECT things like the Yankees. I love the Pirates. No matter what.

Now to ALLLLLLL Pro-boycott people out there.

Are you listening to how stupid what you are saying is.

First of all, the IMPOSSIBILITY of a boycott. You have all said yourselves how unlikely it is. Then you slam people FOR GOING TO GAMES. Shame on you. You are going to slam people for going to Pirate games? Can you not see the fireworks from outside the stadium? So saying that people are JUST going for the fireworks. Ok...

As you may notice. I am anti-boycott. I am so anti-boycott this is the last thing I will say about it. (After, of course, I respond to the inevitable blasting I will receive for this.)

Do I have blind faith? Because I go to Pirate games? NO! Break what you are saying into common sense? What are you talking about?

Let me get this straight? The Pirates are only worth a damn when they are winning?

Who we have is who we have. Would I like new ownership? Sure. It would be nice to see them perform a little better. But, THIS IS WHAT THE PIRATES ARE. What the hell happened to the love of the game.

Baseball is an experience. Did you ever hear that phrase "for the love of the game?" I was born into the Pirates and I will stay with the Pirates as long as they are in the city.

Best case scenario with a boycott? They move the team. Then we have no Pirates, because some people couldn't deal with the Pirates not being the Red Sox or the Yankees.

This is what they are. The Pirates are a low salary team that develops players then ships them off to better teams where they become super stars.

Maybe I'm crazy. But I'd rather see some kids take their knocks in the MLB and play THE GAME, than watch GROSSLY OVERPAYED DIVAS earn absurd salaries to perform at an average level.

Oh and I read John Harris' article during my lunch break today.
You may want to reword your title, jackass. So, me... And I am a TRUE fan... am to blame for your misery and greed. The Pirates aren't a white hot francise... I am to blame... I guess its only fun to write about teams who crush the competition. To avoid trouble... I will not type what I was about to...

The Steelers have spoiled this city with their success.

The Pirates probably aren't going to win a World Series any time soon... Boycott or not.

Don't like it?

Move to Boston.
Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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