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Default Re: Football Mags :Holmes to have a great season

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

Here is what I REALLY like about Holmes...

He learns.

No, I am not being a smart alec. He doesn't make the same mistakes over and over (fumbles on kickoffs not withstanding...)

The beginning of last year, he kept screwing up routes. Heck, I will GAURANTEE that at least 5 of Ben's interceptions last year were actually bad routes by Santo... (BTW, when you throw in the 5 or 6 balls that actually bounced off our receivers hands as well, that reduces Ben's interceptions by 10... still not great, but not the drastic turn of events that some are bellowing). However, Santo learned to run the right routes, and became more and more effective doing it.

At the beginning of last year, I wasn't impressed with Santo's blocking downfield. Towards the end, I actually saw him line people up and drill them.

At this point last year, Santo already had what... two arrests? So far this year? Nothing... he has kept his mouth shut as well. All we seem to hear from him is from others saying yep, he was in camp. Yep, him and Ben and others are working together.

So yeah, he was REALLY on the fence with me last year... however now? Gotta say, I really am liking him. It is amazing what a year of maturity and mentoring by Hines will do !
you will GUARANTEE 5? more like maybe 1 or 2. Holmes was always known for running excellent routes and having glue-like hands. Some of Ben's INT's last year made me sick. I'm sure there were a handful that went from bad to worse (something like a tipped pass being intercepted or a receiver running a wrong route and ben throwing some one a gift. But those INT's vs. the raiders ... both the pick 6's ... yeah right, ben's INT's last year were Ben's fault. I think if ben had a normal offseason we would have seen a lot more progression out of holmes, although im more than satisfied with how he is right now. I'm expecting big things this year outta both he and Ben
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