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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I wasn't really looking to get involved, just see what people had to say, but this response was interesting. How can wages be a red herring if the benefits are the culprit in the wages equation? The benefits are almost certainly what make up the difference, and at least some of those are union enforced benefits that aren't necessary.

I also thought the thing about the German cars was interesting. I wonder if it's a cycle that we just haven't been through yet? If you read Consumer Reports, or, better yet, talk to people who would know (owners of the cars and the people who work on them), the quality of Mercedes and BMW's has dropped significantly over the last 10 years or so, but they have achieved such status that they are still able to command premiums. I bet, however, that brands like Lexus and Acura are eating away at their market share as well. Could the US manufacturers do to the Japanese what the Japanese did to them and the Germans?
My point is that it is always easy for the coach to blame the overpaid and undermotivated players when his own job is on the line. But even if Bill Belichick and Art Shell had the same players my money would be on Belichick - same thing with Toyota/Honda v. GM/Ford.

Detroit automakers getting their ass kicked by the Japanese for the last 30 years has a lot more to do with poor management that they will ever admit. Like the Raiders, Detroit has been on a downhill slide for decades.
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