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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

Well personally I love my F150 and F350 and would not give them up for any honda are toyota, I can hall more, tow more, then any of them. And I have towed about all of them out there at one point off the road are to there home. You have to love a dodge when it breaks down.

Mercedes and Chrysler merged together. Cannot remember which bought who but that was a few years ago.

Ford and there counter part VW have been working on better gas mileage cars and trucks and they have been hitting the market.

Pontiac is probably one of the biggest piece of craps out there with more problems then any car maker out there.

BMW I would never own, seen so many of them burned out and broke down on the autobahn in germany to make me think different while I was there. And mercedes at almost 1000bucks a shot to get look at kinda stirs you away. Like my wifes brother(german) said BMW is only good until its first break down then sell it.
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