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Default Re: Summer Plans!

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
You're the biggest post-*****.

you have over 12,000 and more then 20 posts per day.
duuuhhhhhhhh. why do you think i said my summer plans were to "post***** on sf" ?????

Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
Are you refering to me
sorry i have been posting alot its just that it is summer and i have alot of time on my hands
I try make my point simple without just using a couple of words
sry i will chill with the typing fingers
wow. bunch of paranoid, self conscious headz up in da hizzle.

jeez guys, i was just telling you what i was doing this summer (actually, i know this is the "official" summer plans thread but i already posted mine in the locker room forum about 3 weeks ago...)
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