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Default Re: Mike Webster and the congressional hearing

Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
Just saw the espn story on the topic of former players and the pension system.

"Former NFL players talking to sympathetic House Judiciary subcommittee sharing tales of multiple surgeries, dementia and homelessness, all while trying to fight through the red tape of the National Football League and the NFL Players Association's disability system."

Mike Webster was one of the main players focused on in this story and it really got me thinking.

I never knew the true legacy of Mike Webster until I just finished some heavy reading. (My apologies, I am only just catching up on the detailed history of the Steelers of the 70's and 80's)

This read and many others totally blew me away.

My question to all the long term fans on this board is " How many other steelers have suffered through retirement in a tragic way like Mike Webster?"

I cant believe organisations (NFL and the NFLPA) can treat their players in such a poor way.

Proud men deserve to be able to maintain their dignity in their years of rest and retirement.
I saw the same piece on espn. What really got me is when Mikes son described his father before he died and what he went through. What really hit home is when at the end he said :

And that is how 'Iron' Mike Webster died

Answering your question, I know Justin Strelzyk died when he wrecked into an 18 wheeler on a police chase but I dont know if he was suffering from anything
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