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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
I for one am a UAW worker, we make the seats for the Chevy Cobalt.
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And I can guarantee you that every American Car is built just as good as the foreign car made as in Honda and Toyota. Maybe back in the 80's and partly the '90s
it could have been true. The hourly difference is based on Big 3 pensions and Healthcare costs which Toyota and Honda do not have to pay for. I work for a supplier named Intier Automotive, Intier supplies the Big 3 and Toyota and Honda, and some Nissan vehicles with seats and various other interior parts. Anfd the Quality expectations is the same. And as far as gas economy, our vehicles stack right up there with them. It is all perception. And, as far as them being made in the USA, well, Assebled in the USA is more like it. Profits still go to the far east. And us UAW workers do not have anything against the people that work for Toyota, Honda or Nissan in the US. The gap will close as far as the wage, we can see that coming, we are not blind.
Not according to Consumer Reports
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