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Default Re: Mike Webster and the congressional hearing

Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post

My question to all the long term fans on this board is " How many other steelers have suffered through retirement in a tragic way like Mike Webster?"

I cant believe organisations (NFL and the NFLPA) can treat their players in such a poor way.

Proud men deserve to be able to maintain their dignity in their years of rest and retirement.
unfortunately ex steelers have almost seemed cursed in retirement here lately. too many have died way to early. its almost eerie. most recently was terry long who killed himself .

(info from steve courson-
Courson stayed near Pittsburgh for the rest of his life. In November of 2005, he died in an accident at his home in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Courson had been cutting down a 44-foot tree on his property, but a gust of wind changed the direction of its fall, and he moved into its path while attempting to prevent his dog from being struck. The dog, a black Labrador retriever, was found alive near Courson's body when the tree was removed
[David Little (born January 3, 1959 in Miami, Florida, died April 11, 2005 in Miami, Florida) is a former professional American football player who played linebacker for twelve seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was selected to the Pro Bowl after the 1990 season. He died in 2005 following a weightlifting accident at his home in Miami. He was the younger brother of Pro Football Hall of Fame guard Larry Little.
Stephen Robert Furness (born December 5, 1950, Providence, Rhode Island; died February 9, 2000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was a defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions of the National Football League, and a member of the Steelers' famed Steel Curtain defense. He earned four Super Bowl rings. He was of Armenian descent.

Furness died of a heart attack on February 9, 2000.
Justin Conrad Strzelczyk (August 18, 1968 - September 30, 2004) was a former American football offensive lineman who played nine seasons in the NFL, all for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1990-1998.
He died in a road accident, driving 100 miles per hour the wrong direction while being chased by the cops, and hit a truck carrying acid. He was 36 years old
Gilliam was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1972 in the 11th round after a college football career at Tennessee State University where he was a two-time All-American. He became the Steelers' starting Quarterback in 1974 but lost the job when Terry Bradshaw was chosen to lead the team after the first six games of the season, fueling speculation years later that Gilliam was removed because he was black. Bradshaw himself admits that Gilliam was more talented and deserving of the job that year than he was. Gilliam spiraled into a trap of severe alcoholism and substance abuse and was out of the National Football League at the end of 1975 and back on the streets in Nashville, Tennessee, where he battled his cocaine addiction on and off over the years.

In 1983, Gilliam attempted a comeback to pro football in the United States Football League with the Washington Federals. He did not have much success and retired from the sport for good after that season.

For the rest of his life, he battled his cocaine addiction; but did manage to run a football camp in Nashville at times. He was often homeless and on the streets in search of his next high. He earned the nickname "Jefferson Street Joe" for the boulevard that runs by Tennessee State University in Nashville. [1]

Gilliam died of a heart attack on December 25, 2000. He had been sober for four years prior to his death and was able to attend the final Steelers game at Three Rivers Stadium.
furness was on vacation hiking in the grand canyon. little was lifting weights and dropped the bar on his neck and suffocated. justin went wacko and slammed into a tanker. courson had a freaking tree drop on him. gilliam and webster were homeless. and terry long had attempted suicide atleast once before he died (drinking antifreeze?)
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