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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
I've grown to learn that it doesn't matter what affiliation a politician is associated with they all LIE and CHEAT to the general public of the United States and yet the people that should do something sit idly by and take payoffs as a means to keep quiet.

While all in the process the AMERICAN PEOPLE GET SCREWED!!!!

IMHO, the only thing that Bush may be guilty of is keep with the status quo that Clinton started
That's for sure.

There are only a SELECT few politicians I can probably trust. A select group of Republicans and maybe 1 democrat(Barack Obama)

That is just the case with Bush. I had high hopes for him, and thought that he was going to get us back on track after Clinton put us into further hell. Even though I'd rather him over to Gore and Kerry any day. If they were president, Taxes would be a lot higher. I'd like to once I start paying taxes to have to spend for myself and not be giving it all to the government.

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