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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

In 2000, I voted for Bush over Gore, with reservations. But I really wanted to believe his message of bipartisanship and healing. In retrospect he lied; his administration has produced the most bitter division in government and among the citizenry that I have seen in my life.

In my opinion Clinton's scandals, both personal and political, are small potatoes next to the blatant power grab and attempt to usurp the Constitution that has been engineered by those around Bush. Those currently in power used a national crisis to try and subtly change the course of our government, to try to set in motion a sea change that would have limited freedom, both socially and economically, for all future Americans.

There's nothing wrong with a strong executive branch, but there is something VERY wrong with an imperial executive branch. We need a government, not a big brother.

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