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Default Re: Lions Should Win 10-12 Games Easily

Originally Posted by ben2hines=6 View Post
haha this whole thread is funny guys, theres some really good comments on this.........i cant blame the guy trying to get the fans roudy for this season but maybe kitna and ferrey forgot that in order to win a football game yes your offense has to put some points but but ur DEFENSE also has to be able to stop someone, now u just went off and traded ur best player in bly and ur defense with him last year was pathetic so not only am i saying that this is the worst prediction ever but it is also the ticket that will get matt millen kicked outta town, he didnt have to say anything, his quaterback and third wr already put in the last nail
millen has you know what so far up ford's you know what he aint going anywhere. they will fire the whole coaching staff before millen goes..

and we all know that the lions will always be last in the sports world in detroit.. you have the red wings, pistons, tigers, heck you can even throw in the shock(women's basketball team, who has one a championship) and then the lions...

i had a friend tell me that the lions were going to win more games this year than the steelers and i said yeah so evidently there must be something in the water here.. thank god i buy my water .

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