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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Sorry, preacher, but that's spin, and I think it's the same type of spin that a lot of smart Americans tell themselves right before they walk into Wal-Mart every weekend.

As complicated as global markets are, It's more complicated than your examples. The quick and dirty version? It's never better for a Country to import things they are capable of making at a deficit. It's an incredibly complex economic model, and I'm too weary to get into it now, but when I get some time, I'll present some reasons and examples why.
Gotta disagree...

It isn't spin, it is how the economy works. money doesn't disapear. The more open the markets are, the more the money will stay in circluation. Problems come wihen money does not circulate, but is hidden "under mattresses," which was the real cause of the great depression. People were too scared to spend money, thus, no one bought goods. the result? The economy came to a halt.

Funny thing. I usually get very leary when people try to make complex what is in actuality a very simple thing... It means that it is being overthought... usually to fit a certain predescribed model (No Revs.. I am not talking about you, but about the models you would present. They are put together by people with agendas... as are ALL things. And usually the more complex, the easier it is to fit the agenda.)

It is like foriegn relations. People try to come up with complex socio/political dynamics which incorporate 1000's of years of history and deal with a million variations... However, foriegn relations can best be described as 10 children in a room with 6 toys. Some will play nicely, some will take for themselves, others will try to police the entire room, some will only protect thier friends, and others just won't care and decide not to play at all.
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