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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

Originally Posted by Blitzburgh View Post
Hell of a good post Tom .... I agree on all accounts.

I'll add that politicians on both sides think we're a bunch of idiots who don't know what's good for us, like they do.

And although I side more often with the Dems, I have my eyes open; they only reason the Dems are against this is because it effectively disenfranchises their voter base, which blocks their ability to regain control.

It isn't a battle of altruism vs evil; it just happens that one side blocks the other for its own advantage, which also happens to be good for our personal freedom.

As an aside, I read somewhere that the phone and mail infercepting program produced exactly no useable intelligence against terrorism or Al Qaeda; I have no doubt in my mind that the expansion of power had bothing to do with fighting terrorism, and everything to do with increasing the power of the executive office, Hell, even John Ashcroft opposed it! And say what you will about Ashcroft, and I am no fan at all of the man, but he is as anti-terrorist as you can get, just as much as Cheney is... and even he thought it was too much.

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