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Default Re: Yeah, Spice Girls are back.

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
.. Throw in a few hot chicks with zero musical talent and there we go! Magic!

They are the Backstreet Boys with female genitalia.
Hey hey, u didn't really say that they've got zero musical talent, did u? I mean u didn't mean that, right? I can't say anything on the Dixie Chicks talents, since I don't listen to country music. But come on now. AND I like Backstreet Boys too. At least none of them came out of closet like NSync did Have some respect. I know u guys don't like them much, but those guys did really well in Europe and Asia, which means a lot than what u guys think of them in the US, since the population of Europe and Asia is lot more than the continental US.

To tell the truth I was way more excited when I heard Take That was back together. Their new album was little more mature which is pretty good, since I'm getting older.
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