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Default Re: Regular Season game in Mexico

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Not to offend anyone, but I`m against it. This is the National Football League, evryone worried about terrorism and everything. Fans deserve to see their games at home. We don`t need a Mexican fan base. Football there is soccer. Stay North of the border.
Well I live in Mexico City, the stadium where this game will be played is a half hour from my house and a couple things:

1) In the autumn, it's hotter in Arizona than in Mexico City. In fact, it might be raining on gameday.

2) There's no terrorism in Mexico. Get your facts straight; there's more terrorism in the US than in Mexico.

3) Jet lag is a non-issue; it's a 5 hour flight from SF and a 4 hour flight from Phoenix, plus Mexico City is in the Central time zone.

4) Not all Mexicans are into soccer. I was born and raised here and have been a diehard Steelers fan for 30 years.

5) There is already a HUGE Mexican fan base, especially for the Steelers, Cowboys and Raiders.

6) The stadium here holds over 100,000 people; when the Steelers played the Colts in a preseason game a few years back, it was the single largest attendance for an NFL game. The damn cardinals can barely get butts in the stadium; you think they're gonna turn down the opportunity to make bank on 100,000 people?

Just a few thoughts.
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