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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
What issues did he run on? Was the war one of them?
Well its very difficult to say exactly where he stands on alot of the big issues.

He has been bound by party loyalty (and his own ambition) to show solidarity with Blair in the Iraq issue.

We have a strong economy - and as Chancellor of the Exchequer he is going to take alot of praise for that - though in truth his best decision was to delegate decisions on Interests Rates (and therefore the rate of inflation) to the Bank Of England.

Unfortunately, Brown wasn't actually forced to suffer the inconvenience of any type of democratic election - there were no other candidates willing to run against him (and take the chance of getting on the wrong side of the future PM) for leadership of the Labour Party.

My main sources of optimism lie in the fact that he is a very blunt, straight forward type of guy - he wasn't blessed with a great deal of natural charisma and is viewed as a bit 'bland' by political commentators.

For me this a welcome alternative to Blair; who was short on meaningful substance.

Brown is also very much 'old Labour' (or at least he was) in that his views are socialist in nature - hopefully this will help the 2 main political parties to stop scrapping over the 'middle ground' and actually represent alternatives in political philosophy.

I regard Blair as a manufactured product of spin doctors and image consultants - rather than sound values and fundamental political ideologies.

Im hoping he will be a little less prone to allow personal beliefs ie Religion to encroach too much on his view of the world and it how it works - as opposed to Blair who used his devout Christianity to try (with increasing futility) to mould the world into the shape he felt it should take.
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