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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS:Former PSU Star and N.Y. Giant LB LaVar Arrington in Motorcycle acc

latest update if anyone cares. his injuries were slightly worse than his agent let on. hes still hospitalized with an infection in the huge gash on his leg, the supposed cast was put on to stabilize this wound. his wrist is broken along with his arm and hes got torn tendons.

that leg sounds pretty bad. not only is his football career most likely done, he may never walk without a limp again. the main thing is to get the infection cleared. it would suck to think hes out of the woods and have another incident like what happened out of the blue with derrick thomas.

i know its not his place, but i'd like to think that without all the fanfare or calling a press conference to announce his deed, ben would call up lavar, and wish him well and a few words of support, understanding, and encouragement.

and to think, ben was without the helmet and out of the hospital within 48 hours. time to count those blessings.
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