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Default Re: White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

Originally Posted by Blitzburgh View Post
Look at the Clinton bashers lining up ... ha!, too funny.

Tom hit the nail on the head about Clinton's wrong-doings looking like childs play in comparison to the level of corruption and ineptitude Bush and Cheney have shown in the past 6 years!

LOL, looks like you stirred up the hornets nest Tom!

Ok Timeout here Blitz. How is lying under oath childs play compared to going to war illegally? They're both equal.

Another thing to, let's hear what Clinton did when he had actual grounds to use Military Action against someone who attacked us FIRST. Bush took out the taliban and helped bring the Hamid Karzai lead government to power eliminating another chance of another attack coming from Aganistan.

Also, what about National Securtiy? What did Clinton do about that? NOTHING! I don't want to hear anyone say that it wasn't an issue when Clinton was in office. It's been an issue since 1776 when we became independent. It will always be a major issue.

Obstruction of justice and Unauthorized Wire Tapping are some what equal to me. Why? Both are against the law. In addition, lying is one of the worst offenses you can do(Especially while under oath). Unauthorized Wire Tapping is the equivalent of eavesdropping.

I could add more, but it would take me too long.

Also Democrats in congress, STOP TRYING TO MAKE POLITICAL Statements. You know how annoying that is to those of us who have connections to those fighting in the war in either Iraq or Afghanistan today? It's way too early to place a timetable on Iraq. No wonder why the approval level of congress is at a RECORD LOW!

Bottom Line, Clinton left this country in a mess bad enough that Bush has a hard enough time to clean it up. Now he's getting unfairly the lowest ratings while Clinton has unfairly gotten some of the highest ratings. In my opinion, Bush's Job Approval Should be 45% and Clinton's should have been 4%.

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