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Default Re: United States of Debt ...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Hmmmm. Seems to be an upward trend here that started 40 years ago, and was only slowed by a bubble ( ) economy that burst right around 2000.

Well, the only thing I think you can hope for (and pray for, since you stir up so much shit) is that a Democratic President elected in '08 reverses this trend. Unfortunately for you, it ain't gonna happen. But it's fun to watch the spin!
but wasnt clintons specialty in college economy and politics? just because its an upward trend does that mean every president should just say "f--- it its an upward trend so nothing is gonna stop it"?

didnt clinton actually have a childhood and lifelong focus to entering politics and addressing problems such as these, as opposed to being an actor or owning a baseball team?

i think youre selling our previos democratic president a bit short.

but hey, were going to hell in a handbasket of debt anyways....

(if you dont look at the pink elephant in the room it ALWAYS goes away)

blaming the bubble burst on clinton is hilarious. werent the majority of the holders of those shares who were "pumping and dumping" them wealthy republicans?
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