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Default Re: United States of Debt ...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Most of the people who made most of the money were just accidental tourists who were lucky enough to take the trip.
lucky accidental tourists? sources for that must flood the net for that one .

sounds more like the "suckers" those stocks were dumped off to.

the "accidental tourist" was being fed "hold for the long haul" while being told daytrading was an evil "risk and gamble" doomed to lose out on the next days big gain. LOL. even with earnings/ share were at 150-200:1 the "tourists" were being told "the market will catch up! "hold, hold, hold!"

the internet stock craze was the biggest case of "pump and dump" never prosecuted.

anyways, pointing out that the internet craze ended under clintons watch is about as constructive as correctly pointing out that 9-11 happened under bush's watch. regardless, the chart posted above doesnt lie DESPITE under whose watch it finally began to cease its exponential growth...

study the chart. shit sure did start to hit the fan between '80 and '92. i wonder if "trickle down" economics had anything to do with it. i wonder if the same ones to benefit from "trickle down" economics (enron and tyco executives?) were the same ones to benefit from the bust
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