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Default The Rooneys- Republican or Democrat?

since football is cold and politics is hot (right now) im wondering if our members know where the rooneys stand on most political issues. i have no idea, and honestly have never really thought about it. they have money to protect which makes me think they would vote republican, but art sr especially, and dan seemed to take social stances that would lead me to think they voted democratic.

anyways this was supposed to be a poll and i screwed it up. if a mod thinks it is worthy perhaps they can help:

a) dems like the kennedys
b) reps all the way
c) art dem, sons and family rep
d) are rep, sons and family dem
e) doesnt matter
f) mixead altogether and never been a family issue
g) results may make me root for another team
h) damn, youre a freaking idiot
i) yes
j) no
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