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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

I believe that the unions have gotten carried away and they are unnecessary in today's world. That being said I don't believe that the downward spiral of the US auto industry is the fault of the UAW. Any company fails or succeeds because of management.

Our factories are good enough to compete in terms of productivity and quality. Yes quality! It just goes to show how hard it is to get a customer back after you lose one in any business. Just read the comments from this thread. I had a 86 Chevy, a 88 Ford ect. that had problems I'd never buy one again. Well they were junk back than, but in todays world Ford and GM make good quality dependable cars. I wonder how many of those who say I'd never buy an American car read Consumer Reports like it's the bible and think they are unbias? CR is a self promoting organization with unscientific reader based surveys that have low response rates. Who audits them? How do you even know they do a survey? Do you know anyone who bought a new car new car that filled out one of their surveys? Consumer Reports is published by Consumers Union which is a lobbing group. Any lobbing group is bias. Don't believe everthing you read.

Ford and GM have dug themselves a huge hole. I hope that their management finds a way to dig out of it and that the UAW does their share to help.
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