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Default Re: The Rooneys- Republican or Democrat?

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
At least with the taxpayer assistance to build his stadium, it houses a team that actually wins games. He isn't greedy.
It works out great for me - the Steelers get a fat taxpayer gift which helps field a competitive team (and, just so we do not forget this is a business, also increases the market value of the Rooneys' stake in the team by hundreds of millions of $$$) and since I do not live in western PA it does not cost me a dime. If I still lived in western PA and was not a big Steelers fan I might have a different view (especially if I thought my vote counted when the subsidy was overwhelmingly rejected in 1997 but then found out the subsidy could then be logrolled through the ever obliging PA state legislature).

Having someone pay me a ton of money for something they do not want to pay for is not greedy - it is theft.
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