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Default Re: The Rooneys- Republican or Democrat?

I usually avoid political posts, but what a bunch of crap that statement is.

I don't care what political party they are and I don't want to know.
thank you for voting


AJR II sounds like a typical corporate Republican - wants everyone to let him run his business as he sees fit except when he wants a big taxpayer subsidy.
thats how it seems to me. i woulda voted option f) had this been an actual poll. the rooneys probably run the full gamut of the political spectrum. art II strikes me as the furthest right.

If I still lived in western PA and was not a big Steelers fan I might have a different view
lol. i dont bring up the steelers to my grandfather, unless i want him to go off and me get hollered at. i have several family members there who wouldnt have blinked if the steelers up and moved.
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