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Default Re: The Rooneys- Republican or Democrat?

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
"I'm gonna go with E for 5OO Tone."

As it doesn't matter at all to me what political party the Rooneys or anyone else belongs to for that matter.
Because at the end of the day,.......most people want many of the same things out of life. Regardless as to how they 'vote' regarding the 'popularity' contests between select suppossed 'bluebloods'.
thats the answer i was hoping to get the most. funny to watch people get so pissy with eachother over politics on a steelersboard.

person A may get disgutsted with person B over simple political beliefs, yet when it comes to the beloved rooneys, they will most likely get a pass, regardless. kind of ironic.
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