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Default Re: US vs Japanese Cars and Workers

Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
Never read more BS on theinternet anywhere, including many Browns and Bengal message boards.

If the owners are in Japan, China, or wherever, the money goes to them. I don't care where they put that money, bank, mattress, up there ....

Like I said all this BS about cars not made the same is exactly crap. They all use suppliers. All basically the same parts, just made to look different and put on the vehicles.

By the way, I own a 1999 Chevy S-10 and never had a single problem with it, and have over 162,000 mile on it. And my son has a 1995 Chevy S-10 that has had few problems with it. It is all perception, you just have a problem with the Big 3 cars is because they are union members.

I have no problem with AT&T, and they are union. I have no problem with United Airlines, and they are union. I have no problem with shopping at Rosauers, and they are union. When you paint with a broad brush, you end up being wrong.

Your union worldview is disallowing you to actually read what is in front of you. Fact is, I could care less if the product I buy is union or not. I care about quality. From the cars I and actually, my friends as well, have owned, I STILL won't buy American, because I don't trust the car. Period.

Think what you want, if it makes you happy. But there is a big difference in quality between American and Japanese cars. That difference is definetley shrinking... but it is still there.
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