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Default Re: Pirate fans: Loyal Sheep

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
just remember the pirate fans today are mostly fans of pittsburgh first, baseball, and the tradition of winning, more so than the crap theyve been pushing onto the field for the past 15 years.
Perhaps this is what I was trying to explain the other day when 83-43 and I had a disagreement.

I wasn't surprised last night when I saw the game on TV. The walkout was a poor idea. The best bet for the boycotters is to do just that, boycott. Not to go, like X said.

The truth of it is, the entire thing is going to be a bust. There are too many people who have gone to Pirates games for generations with their families, and their families, and so on.

Its a city of champions and it sucks to have a bad baseball team, but there is WAY too much city pride to abandon the Pirates.
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