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Default Re: Pirate fans: Loyal Sheep

the walk out seemed stupid to me cause the cash was already in nuttings pockets. he could care less if they give him $$$ for free. i agree that those who buy the tickets have no right to bitch if theyre gonna keep feeding the coffers.

who it really sucks for is all the fans who have been turned off of baseball. they deserve a winner just like the loyal fans who still pay. blaming the fans is really barking up the wrong tree. sure they are the ones feeding the monster. it is there loyalty that is being taken advantage of. if the pirates were in los angeles with tons of other distractions and forms of entertainment. the seats would be empty and nutting would be forced to sell. hes taking advantage of the city, and hes taking advantage of the people. that is not the peoples fault.

i guess the boycott is kinda like telling cigarette users and gasoline users to boycott those products because of the extreme price hikes. these companies know its not gonna happen or have an effect on the bottom line. if it does they'll just raise prices some more to keep the profit margins up.
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