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Default Re: Pirate fans: Loyal Sheep

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
So I'm a bad fan just because I'm sick to death of losing baseball, the boring summers, and wanting the Pirates to win? I was 3 years old the last time the bucs had a winning season. But it's all good because Pittsburgh comes first...always....
who said youre a bad fan?

i'll bash the crappy players and the shitty ownership group, but one thing i wont bash is the people of pittsburgh who get out there and support their team through thick and thin.
you were the one who said the fans deserve a loser.

its funny to hear all the young pittsburgh fans claim "steelers for life", "win or lose", "steelers til i die", "i bleed black and gold", when all theyve really known is steelers being 1 of the winningest teams, yet these young fans seem to speak the loudest about a boycott and walking out on the pirates team.

the steelers were losers for 40 years, not just 15 years like the pirates have been. yet they suported their team and they were rewarded. now i dont believe that will happen with the pirates anytime soon. rooney is an owner that doesnt even come around once every generation. what i am saing though is pittsburgh isnt full of a bunch of fairweather, bandwaggon jumping fans. pittsburgh fans for the better part are die hards.
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