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Default Re: Pirate fans: Loyal Sheep

People just need to stop going to games period for things to change....When there is only 500-800 fans in the park then things might change....I remember in the early 90s when the Indians played in front of crowds that small some nights...As long as the Nuttings are not in the red they will continue to put a lesser product on the field

But I won't bash anybody that wants to go to PNC Park....Thats your own choice.... Its a beautiful park....I have been there 5 times myself.....But I won't go anymore until things start to change....The last straw for me was this past draft for the Pirates.....That was just a joke....... Man 90-92 seems so long ago.....Oh the memories of when the Buccos were a good Plus I have the stories my Dad told me of seeing the Great Roberto Clemente,Willie Stargell and Maz when he was a kid......

I hope one day the Pirates are a winner again but I'm not holding my breath with this current ownership....
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