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Default Prayers for Angie

Once again, I come to my SF family and ask for prayers for my daughter, Angie.

She called me on Friday afternoon and told me that she had been in to see her gynecologist last week for her annual exam. Her doctor's nurse called her that afternoon to tell her that she had an abnormal PAP test and that it was showing HSIL, which boils down to:

HSIL stands for high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. High-grade means the cells are very different from normal cells. These cells are usually precancerous and are more likely to lead to cervical cancer. Your doctor will probably perform a colposcopy to determine how at risk you are for cancer.

The nurse told her that the doc wanted her in ASAP for a biopsy. She wanted to check her work schedule for this week and is going to call tomorrow morning to make the appointment. Of course I want to go with her for support, as she has done for me many times.

Angie is only 27 years old and a beautiful young woman with a wonderful life ahead of her. I know that this diagnosis doesn't mean that she definitely has cancer, but my heart just sunk after hearing this and I cried my heart out after I got off the phone with her. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do because I've had cancer twice, though not any type of gynecological cancer. Most parents want to give their children the moon, sun and stars and though I have tried to do that with both of my kids, what do I give my daughter - a cancer gene.

Please pray for my "little girl" that this biopsy is negative or in the alternative, shows something that can be "fixed". I would so appreciate it. Thank you all.

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