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Default Re: So I'm going to the Burgh...

Originally Posted by C-BusSteeler View Post
--One thing i want to do is get a Roethlis-burger ....... What else should i check out in the few hours between Heinz and the game?
Well skip Primanti Bros. than. I've never had a Roethlis-burger but I'd guess that and a Primanti sandwhich in a 2 hour time frame may be a bit much. I was never much of a Primanti fan for lunch, they only taste good to me @ 2:30 am when they kick you out of the bar!

My reccomandation would be to walk across the bridges ride up the incline (either one the Duquense may be a little easier of a walk from the North Side), checkout the mushrooms, back down and stop at the point.

Have fun with whatever you choose and post a few pics when you get back.
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