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Default Back from Vacation!!

10 glorious days off work!!!!

I spent two days in Gettysburg and have to tell all the Homers in the forum that you really live in Gods Country!!! I couldnt believe how truly beautiful western PA is.
After stopping in Washington Pa on the way there and the way back..I think I can talk the wife into moving there...the people were VERY nice and the town was really unique.

I did have two run-ins with rival fans....At Williamsburg some jackass wearing a Ravens t-shirt let his 5 year old scream all the way through a colonial "court hearing"....and I was cut off by a truck in eastern Ohio witha big "bengals" emblem, which led me to consider the possibility that their fans wear emblems on their vehicle for one of three reasons 1) to cover the rust 2) to distinguish themselves as fans and not players to the "profiling" ohio state troopers 3) to make sure they are letting the team know who their 10 fans truly are!!!
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