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Default Two thumbs up!

I actually read a quote/user comment on "The Sporting News" (from a fan) that I thought made sense...

"...I love it when a team loses starters and all the fans say "oh, they weren't very good anyway, or they're easily replaceable". Well guess what? Those guys were starting for a they must have been pretty darn good to be starting in the NFL for a Super Bowl winning team. But now that they're gone all of a sudden they're not that big of a loss....Sometimes fans make no sense at all..."

It just so happens this guy is a Steeler fan, though, so I'm not

"...My team lost Joey Porter this year. Now that he's gone am I going to say "oh he wasn't that good anyway, or that he's easily replaceable"? No, because I think he still could have put up good numbers in that defense. And now that position is a big question mark....just as the cornerback position is for the Colts. But I'm not going to bash Porter now that he's gone or call him a system linebacker..."

(The reader I'm quoting is tdeck11, so kudos to him.)
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