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Default Re: Two U.S. Top 10 LB's At One High School

[QUOTE=Mosca;262117]Yeah. On Oct 13th last year, TJ beat Trinity 30-0, with the backup tailback gaining 233 yards.

It must have been the defensive scheme that limited the linebackers' effectiveness. Or something.

"Thomas Jefferson beat us in every facet of the game," Trinity coach Ed Dalton said. "We weren't able to adjust. They were bigger and faster, and I know Giegerich is out, but you bring in the next guy, and he is just as good."

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Obviously they were only 2 starters out of 22. Were 6-3 (I think.) Sounds like TJ was good last year. Where exactly is TJ? (not from burgh originally)
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