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Default Re: Ten-million dollar club

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
In terms of how the $$$ have been spent, USA Today has its annual salary charts out

Top 10 players for compensation received for 2006 were:

Richard Seymour New England $24,691,160
Drew Brees New Orleans $22,000,000
Bryant McKinnie Minnesota $17,500,000
Steve Hutchinson Minnesota $16,588,080
Jeff Backus Detroit $16,252,310
Tom Brady New England $16,004,840
Carson Palmer Cincinnati $15,750,000
John Abraham Atlanta $15,503,300
Shaun Alexander Seattle $15,125,000
Reggie Wayne Indianapolis $15,100,440

Highest paid Steelers were:

Marvel Smith $ 6,598,580
Hines Ward $ 5,753,080
Joey Porter $ 5,237,083

Lots of data if you have the time and interest to sort through it
thanks for the link.

on the surface it looks like 2 patriot players are accounting for nearly 40% of the patriots total salary cap.

im sure thats what most players who score a 10 on their wonderlic test think and goes a long way in showing that the d. branch and a. samuel situation may only be the tip of the iceberg for the pats.

no matter how creative a team gets, thing always catches up. as has been shown throughout history, no team is bigger than the NFL.

when you dig deeper you see the patriots are pushing money into the future and relying on 1 year discount, character pickups and rookies to plug the holes.

a risky gamble, yet a calculated one.

on the steelers side, i dont see any risk of mortgaging the future. infact, with the way the salary cap is scheduled to rise theres a small chance we could even persue deangello hall after 08, if such desperate measures were needed (i dont think they will be) and land him at a contract friendly deal similar to adalius thomas (without further mortgage of the future).

of course trading players like faneca and ward for high round picks are the way to ensure you can make manuvers like this work.
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