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Default Re: Kobayashi to forgo hot dog eating competition?

and we have a new world record and a new world champion.

oh what a glorious day it is to have the Mustard Belt back in the united states. lost in all the hooplah of kobayashis arthritic jaw, was the intense training regemin chesnut endured though the better part of his life to reach the glory seen on july 4, 2007 as he swiftly scarfed 66 dogs caliente'.

as the announcers so aptly put it, today was the "greatest day of sports in United States history.

the "heroic" effort of kobayashi must be commended. as kobayashi puked his final hot dog into his hand he valiantly slurped it up to avoid disqualification. now that is a heart of a champion.

as we envision 12 competitors simultaneously purging hundereds soggy, pre-digested Nathans into a bucket we can trully say "what a day to be an american!"

oh, and the "black widow" is kinda sexy.
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