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Default Re: Prayers Deeply Appreciated

Ughhh....when it rains it pours.

Ken has been doing fairly well and for the last couple of weeks, seemed a bit sluggish which I mentioned to him and of course, he played off. Yesterday, he told me that he hadn't slept at all Tuesday night because he was having trouble breathing, so I suggested that he go to the hospital which he adamantly refused to do. I decided to call his cardiologist and he strongly felt that Ken was in congestive heart failure again from the symptoms I described and wanted Ken in the Emergency Room pronto. Of course, Ken refused to go at first because after his open heart surgery, his company let him go and cut all of his benefits and he didn't want a huge hospital bill to pay, but after talking with him and calling his Mom and stressing the importance of him getting medical attention immediately, she called him and convinced him to let me take him. When we got to the hospital, his oxygen saturation was very low and it improved as soon as he was put on oxygen. Several docs examined him and after some tests, he was found to indeed be in congestive heart failure with a large fluid build-up on the right lung. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and they are going to run a battery of tests today, as well as give him Lasix via IV to try to get the fluid out. If that doesn't do the trick, they will needle aspirate it out as they did after his surgery back in late February.

I swear to God above, I must be a bad luck charm or something. First my daughter and now Ken.

Please say a prayer for Ken today that all goes well for him during his stay in the hospital and that they can get this fluid issue resolved. They are going to try to find out what the underlying cause is for this sudden CHF again.

Thank you all very much, as always.

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