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Default Re: Colts looking to trade James

The thing with Dungy is his is not afraid of the close game, and he loves to ride the hot hand. By this I mean he doesn't need to win by 14 or more, doesn't care if he puts up 3 or 50, as long as its a win. Then you add that into he doesn't go after weakness for a balanced team, he overloads the strength to make a monster one side. In Tampa he stocked that defense, cause he knew it would be easier and faster to build one to hold teams under 10 points than to create and offense that could score 11 or more. In Indy its the same. Go out and get 3-4 defense helps/bandaids? No way. Get rid of James, reload, maybe draft on defensive bandaid, and bang...we know score 4 more points a game, maybe give up 1.5 less = net gain of 5.5 which might make the difference.
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