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Default Re: Japan Official Resigns Over Bomb Comment

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
What about the Japanese atrocities during WWII or the casualty rate we would have sustained if we attempted to take the main island of Japan after taking Europe back from Nazi Germany. That goes in one ear and out the other with some of these people. It's not worth it. I guess when it's your own boys taking those casualties it's another story.

If dropping those two bombs means saving millions of American/Allied lives against an enemy who was not going to surrender at any cost, you damn well better believe I agree with the droppings.

Let's hear Japan comment on Bataan, Hsuchow, Manila Massacre, Sook Ching Massacre, Nanking Massacre and Unit 731. Yeah, we don't want to get into that do we? We will just push those incidents under the carpet and pretend they never occured.
WHich is why I am always happy for a pacifist Japan. Cause if they ever step away from that ideal... That part of the world will explode... The hatred there rivals that of Israel/Arab. The only problem is... they have much bigger standing armies, much more land to bomb, and a much larger population.
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