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Default Re: Japan Official Resigns Over Bomb Comment

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
I guess that's the price you pay when your war crimes equal that of the Nazi's at that time in history.

That's fine by me if they have that attitude. If they want their women to jump off cliffs with babies grasped in arms or blow themselves up with grenades, that's fine by me. Just don't expect my army to lose millions while trying to bring you down.

IMO, it's over and done with. If the people over there still hold a grudge, that's their problem. But there are two sides to every story and names such as Bataan, Hsuchow, Manila Massacre, Sook Ching Massacre, Nanking Massacre and Unit 731 are rarely mentioned when it comes to the big bad USA dropping it's two bombs to end a very long war.
I completely agree... Actually, the hatred over there between china, korea, and Japan goes back WAY before WWII... There is racial hatred from centuries ago...

As as far as the bombing of Japan goes... I actually wrote a paper on the subject of whether the second bombing was necessary...

My conclusion... Absolutely.

I hate war.

However, in war, the object is to kill as many of your enemy as possible while not losing your own people.

Knowing that there were actual CLASSES teaching women and children in Japan how to fight against an American invasion... We would have had to literally go house to house and kill every man, woman, and child that was old enough to pick up a gun, knife, stone, or stick.

In the immortal words of Ozzie....

Thank God for the Bomb.
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